Primed Paper

We stock a large quantity of primed paper. This is ideal for bonding onto paint-grade doors and panels.

The rolls come in widths from 850mm up to 1.3m. A typical roll in 950mm width is 475m².


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What is primed paper?

Primed Paper is an innovative solution designed exclusively for the interior furniture and timber sectors. This exceptional product is ideal for use on doors and furnishings, offering a flawless surface that is ideally suited for painting.

At the core of Primed Paper lies our eco-friendly, resin-free cellulose, which undergoes a chemical transformation to create a robust and user-friendly material. The result is a consistently smooth and even texture that is perfect for various applications.

The ease of use is further enhanced by Primed Paper’s full compatibility with all woodworking systems. Pre-coated with a layer of primer, it can be effortlessly applied to both doors and panels, effectively eliminating the need to prime the surface before painting. This not only saves time but also ensures a professional finish for your project.