About Us

Company Profile

Welcome to TP Veneer Ireland, the leading supplier of exquisite wood veneers for a diverse range of applications. Established in Baldoyle, Co. Dublin, our company was built on a passion for woodworking and elevating the beauty and craftsmanship of wood products. Our mission is to provide the highest quality veneers, crafted from the world’s most exceptional and unique tree species, to clients seeking remarkable and elegant finishes for their projects.

Our journey began with a love for the alluring charm that wood veneer holds – the intricate patterns, rich colours, and textures depict nature’s finest art. Driven by this admiration, our team at TP Veneer Ireland has dedicated itself to sourcing, producing, and supplying the finest wood veneers for doors, panels, furniture, and office/hotel fit-outs. Moreover, we take pride in fulfilling the unique demands of our clients by offering exclusive access to scarce burls and figured species sourced from around the globe.

What Sets Us Apart?

Extensive range

With an extensive, ever-growing inventory of wood veneers, TP Veneer Ireland caters to diverse tastes, preferences, and budgets. Our clients are spoilt for choice with a plethora of options, whether they’re seeking traditional, exotic, or rare veneers.

Quality Assurance

We meticulously inspect and hand-select each veneer ensuring that our clients receive only the best. Our quality control procedures are second to none, guaranteeing that our veneers meet and exceed industry standards.


Our knowledgeable and experienced team members provide unrivalled guidance in selecting the perfect wood veneer for your project. With years of experience in the industry, they offer exceptional insights and advice at every stage of your project.


TP Veneer Ireland values the unique needs and preferences of each client. We offer tailored solutions to meet individual requirements and bring your vision to life.

TP Veneer Ireland is led by a group of dedicated professionals who boast years of experience in the wood veneer industry. Our team members are the cornerstone of our success and the lifeforce behind our commitment to customer satisfaction.